Staff Directory

Management Team
Marie L. Allen, Executive Director Ext. 201
Gretchen James, Grants Manager Ext. 120
Mary Donnelly, Director of Care Management Ext. 108
Sharon Gesek, Director of Programs Ext. 186
Cindy Majersky, Director of Community Options Ext. 183
Rachael Harvey, Finance Director Ext. 103
Linda Camacho, Assistant to Marie Allen Ext. 114
Stephanie Mincey, Systems Administrator Ext. 204
Sheila Hazen, Systems Specialist Ext. 126
Mariana Quiles, Receptionist Ext. 100
Care Management
Nicole Moscone, Staff Development Mgr. Ext. 122
Danielle Jordon, CM Admin. Assistant Ext. 139
Martha Nelson, Project Manager Ext. 117
Christina Whaley, Eligibility Manager Ext. 135
Team One-Bridgeport North
Nadine Richardson, Team Leader Ext. 101
Camille Flynn, Team Assistant Ext. 147
Kimberly Henry-Langham, Care Associate Ext. 156
Cathy Milne, Care Manager Ext. 106
Christina Dispensa, Care Manager Ext. 138
Erica DeJesus, Care Manager Ext. 125
Silvana Meloni, Care Manager Ext. 136
Daniela Kurtz, Care Manager Ext. 155
Sandra Morales, Care Manager Ext. 116
Team Two-Bridgeport
Collette Felder, Team Leader Ext. 179
Camille Flynn, Team Assistant Ext. 147
Thalia Forbes, Care Manager Ext. 133
Vianca Foster, Care Manager Ext. 131
Marleine St Juste, Care Manager Ext. 175
Beth Jones, Care Manager Ext. 175
Yahaira Vazquez Valle, Care Associate Ext. 215
Team Three-Greater Norwalk
Anrielle George, Team Leader Ext. 207
Mittie Pettway, Team Assistant Ext. 187
Reiny Brito, Care Associate Ext. 121
Mehar Ahmed, Care Manager Ext. 205
Bryana Corprew, Care Manager  Ext. 174
Sharon May, Care Manager Ext. 148
Janine Hull, Care Manager Ext. 196
Tracy Smith, Care Manager Ext. 202
Victoria Zoeller, Care Manager Ext. 224
Jelissa Morillo, Care Associate Ext. 211
Team Four Stamford
Billie Morosko, Team Leader Ext. 128
Lisa Benedetto, Team Leader Ext. 105
Mittie Pettway, Team Assistant Ext. 187
Kari Cavalieri, Care Manager Ext. 180
Jessica Polycarpe, Care Manager Ext. 151
Rosemary Galletti, Care Manager Ext. 115
Kimberly Salazar, Care Manager Ext. 189
Elona Peraj, Care Manager Ext. 176
Nick Rossetti, Care Manager Ext. 142
Angelita Manning, Care Manager Ext. 153
Peter Tu, Care Manager Ext. 221
Initial Assessment Team
Mickey Augustin, Team Leader Ext. 110
Dineen Braychak, Team Assistant Ext. 127
Wanda Walker, Care Manager Ext. 130
Milder Eskandari, Care Manager Ext. 141
Alicia Ranger, Care Manager Ext. 212
Jaclyn Mogridge, Care Manager Ext. 129
Ashley Mallozzi, Care Manager Ext. 104
Scarlett Norena, Initial Assessment Coordinator Ext. 182
Cecilia Caceres, Accounting Assistant Ext. 178
Hilda Oki, Billing Specialist Ext. 123
Bob DeLuca, Staff Accountant Ext. 216
Bill Schempp, Operations Manager Ext. 145
Anne Amidon, POC Assistant Ext. 132
Grants Department
Donna Mavrides, MIS Manager Ext. 111
Denise Andreas, Nutrition Educator Ext. 149
Cathy Grosshart, Community Health Provider Ext. 218
Program Department
Lisa Alhabal, Caregiver Information Specialist Ext. 118
Katie Regan, Respite Care Manager Ext. 152
Lisa Kelleher, Care Associate Ext. 107
Nancy Lombard, Long Term Options Specialist Ext. 171
Soraya Principe, Bi-Lingual Outreach Specialist Ext. 185
Sadia Padilla, Administrative Assistant Ext. 144
Money Follows the Person Transition Team
Cara Ruddy, MFP Transition Coordinator Supervisor Ext. 200
Angela Pererra, MFP Transition Coordinator Ext. 177
Milena Niedbala, MFP Transition Coordinator Ext. 143
Herby Servil, MFP Transition Coordinator Ext. 206
Sylvia Crespo, MFP Transition Coordinator Ext. 140
Nicole Lucas, MFP Transition Coordinator Ext. 158
Michael Peccerilli, MFP Specialized Care Manager Ext. 150
Rachel LaLanne, Specialized Care Manager Ext. 188
Rebecca Kasper, Specialized Care Manager Ext. 208
Meghan Doyle, PCA Specialized Care Manager Ext. 124
Tanya Hill, Specialized Care Manager Ext. 209
Kedeisha Fountain, Specialized Care Manager Ext. 184
Shannon McGinnis, Specialized Care Manager Ext. 173
Karen O’Brien, Specialized Care Manager Ext. 210